Acts of Kindness

Each month Palm Hammock would like to reward a special person (who normally would not be recognized) in our community with a $25.00 Palm Hammock gift certificate.

We invite you to nominate a person who has done a kind deed for group, person or animal. Please send us, on one page only, a brief description of their kind act(s) and your name and contact information. The page may be dropped off at the nursery or emailed at

Palm Hammock will choose a winner at the end of each month. Decisions are final.

Nominations will not be carried over from month to month. We request nominations be made each month.

The winners story will be printed with their permission. Names will not be listed.

The winner must come to the nursery to receive the gift certificate.

It is possible that more than one winner will be chosen each month.

Our purpose in rewarding these special people is to encourage everyone to help make our community a nicer place through an act of kindness.

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