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P. Raspberries & Cream

P. Erubescens Gold

P. Lime Zinger

Amydrium Zippelanium

P. Hastata Var.

P. Atabapoense

P. Mayoi

P. Crassinervium

P. Florida

P. Lemon Lime

P. Rhapiodoptera

P. Rugosum

Syngonium Variegated

The above plants are available for $25.00 rooted plus S & H and $10.00 for 2 node unrooted cutting plus S & H. There is a minimum of 3 cuttings for an order.

P. Florida Beauty Variegated.P. Tortum

These plants are available for $55.00 rooted.

Some of the other Aroids that are available. Call for pricing.

Aroid Section

Anthurium Veitchii
A. Radicans
Anthurium Warocqueanum
Philodendron Gigas
Alocasia Frydek
Alocasia Macrorhiza Variegated
A. Andreanum
Monstera Dubia

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