Caribbean African Violet and Gesneriad Society
Affiliate of the African Violet Society of America
Chapter of the Gesneriad Society

CBAVGS Meeting
Palm Hammock Estate
9995 SW 66th Street, Miami, FL 33173
at 10:00 a.m. on Second Saturday of the Month
For more information contact Allan at

January, 10, 2009 “It’s start up time! What is a Gesneriad?” Does a Saintpaulia come down the chimney? This is a time for review and planning. A little history will be sprinkled here and there. We need your insight and suggestion for A GREAT 2009

February 14, 2009 “Bugs, Pests, Bacteria, Virus, People, all are out to get our Plants” What is wrong with my plant? What can I do to fight back and keep my Saintpaulia looking like a great Valentine? It is time you all practiced a little plant medicine.Get a jump on March when they start to attack.

March, 14, 2009 “Violet Soil” What is it and how do we find the right one for plants? Come and find out what perlite, horticulture charcoal, Vermiculite, peat moss, sphagnum moss and many other thing go into your violet soil.

April, 11, 2009 “ How to grow the Best Looking African Violet” Step by step instruction and numerous tips to grow the Best! You may not wish to show your plants in competition, but you will take away many ideas on how to have more beautiful plants.

July 2009 meeting was cancelled.

It is this Saturday, AUGUST 8, 2009
Caribbean Basin African Violet and Gesneriad Society Meeting
Palm Hammock Orchid Estate
9995 SW 66th Street, Miami, Florida
10 AM to 12:00 PM Noon
Project Plants: bring them in for review—if you did not get one, let us know and we will see if we don’t have one for you. Remember there is a nice prize for the best one in our fun show February 2010.

Raffle Table: there will be some nice African Violet plants, other Gesneriad.and useful garden items. If you have any plants, leaves, garden items etc. bring them in for the Table. The sale of these items helps keep the Club alive.

Dues: your Presidents et al.,agreed that membership dues for new members joining from NOW until December 31st will be ONLY $5.00. IF you have not joined yet, do it now! Bring a friend and introduce him/her to a great group of Gesneriad Lovers. In fact, bring two or more friends. REMEMBER GUESTS ARE FREE AND ALWAYS WELCOME

Program: “Bugs, Pests and Solutions” Your Plant Doctor will discuss problems and teach you simple ways to better and healthier plants. Also a mini demo on care of the Columnea starter plants you received at our last meeting. Bring those plants in for care now.

Show and Tell: If you have a problem plant, put it in a bag or box and we will discuss it If you have a well growing plant and want to show it off, bring it, as we all want to know how you do it.

Phil Illoo and Bill Curlett, (both CBAV&GS Members) gave us a great flower sale this July. I was glad to see, greet, and talk with all the folks from The Violet Patch of South Florida and The Bloomin’Violets and Gesneriads of Palm Beach. We welcome back Peggy Madison to our Club. Peggy we missed you.

ALLAN Your Plant Doctor
Allan L.Mink J.D., (954)587-0392

The above schedule may be changed or revised at any time. Always check your Monthly Notice of Meeting.

Feel free to Email me at any time for further info for your Gesneriad. Allan L. Mink, Plant Doctor

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