These are begonias that Tim has hybridized. They cost $10.00 each in a 4" size plant. Minimum order is 3 plants or they can be combined with other types of begonias.

B. Bob Cochran

B. Taconite

B. Caribben Queen

B. Caribebbean Corsair

B. Comet Hale Bott

B. Bigger Bloomer

B. Caribbean King in the landscape.

B. Caribbean King

B. Deco Checks

B. Caribbean Sails

B. Deco Dervish

B. Deco Drive

B. Deco Flash

B. Deco Pink

B. Georgia Tasker

B. Golden Glow

B. Judy Cook

B. Marion Palmer

B. My Good Friend

B. Plum Gorgeous

B. Silver Shadows

B. St. Patrick's Beard

B. Wanda McNair

B. Doppleganger

B. June

B. Ann's Valentine

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