We have witnessed a number of Hummingbirds dining at the Dwarf Powderpuff, Red and Lavender Firespike and South African Firebush Cafes. They are delightful, particularly when they engage in chatter.

Butterflies are always present in the nursery. Each day we see Monarchs, Gulf Fritillarias, Julias, Giant Swallowtail, Sulfurs and Zebra Longwings.

A Red Tailed Hawk was seen near one of the ponds. The bird has an intricate pattern of feathers that is quite striking. When landing in a tree, the hawk blends quietly into the surroundings.

Painted Buntings appear on a regular basis at the bird feeder. The male has colorful plumage that is spectacular. The female is a light olive green. A bird feeder is a definite plus in the garden. Just make sure it is out in the open away from bushes and small trees.

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