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All 4" Material

African Violets - all colors

Acalypha hispida -'ChenillePlant'Large green hairy leaves. Long pendant red flowers all year.Reminescent of a fox's tail. Good in full sun or partial shade

A. hispida ' minima pendula' -A dwarf form of the above. The plant has a spreading habit that will spill out of a basket.

A. godseffiana -Decorativetropical with bright, copper-green, serrate,cream -margined leaves.

A. godseffiana heterophylla - Thread-like leaves on the above mentioned plant. A most decrative conservatory plant.

A. wilkseana 'Copper leaf' Popular old favorite easy to grow ,exotic.

A. wilkesiana 'Macafeana'Same as above but marbled gold.

A. wilkesiana 'macrophylla' -Large growing verion with flat leaves 8-10" or more wide .

A. wilkesiana 'marginata' -Obovate leaves notched at the apex. Green edged cream-white when young. later becomingcopper with orange- red margins.

A. wilkesiana 'Red Rooster' -A darker form of the above with more deeply serrated margins.