All of these begonias do well in moist, well drained soil with bright shade and slow release 6 month formula fertilizers. They are excellent landscape plants in warmer climates.
They are shipped out of the pot in a plastic bag with a label.

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Picture Common Name
B. Castaway
B. My Special Angel
B. Orpha C. Fox
B. Torch
B. Honeysuckle
B. Jim Wyrtzen
B. Jumbo Jet
B. Di-Erna
B. Orange Delight
B. Amaterasu
B. Baby Beth
B. Compe de Lesseps
B. Cotton Candy
B. Cracked Ice
B. Down Home
B. Hot Tamale
B. Ice Storm
B. Jan Knight
B. Kartuz Red
B. Lana
B. Lenore Olivier
B. Looking Glass
B. maculata
B. Mandarin Orange
B. Orange Rubra
B. Pink Wonder
B. Red Wonder
B. Satellite Orange
B. Sierra Mountain King
B. Snowbound