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Tropical Ferns

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Adiantum capillus-veneris Common Maidenhair

A. caudatum Walking Maidenhair

produces plantlets on the tips of its fronds

A.cultradum a larger growing species.

one of the ' Giant ' maidenhairs

The Boston Ferns

Nephrolepis biserrata Giant Sword Fern

Fronds can reach over six feet

N. cordifolia Tuber Sword Fern

Gracfull ,easy to grow

N. cordifolia 'Duffii' fronds made up of

button shaped pinnea.

N. exaltata Sword Fern, True Boston Fern

Broad, arching, graciful fronds

' Erecta' Stiff upright grower

' hillii' crisped, wavy fronds to five feet long

'verona' The pendant lace fern.

' whitmanii' A fancy leaved form finely cut pinnae

N. falcata Weeping Sword Fern

much heavier texture than N. exaltata and larger growing

'Furcans' Fishtail fern

Great basket or tub plant

'Macho' Macho Fern

Giant dark green plant

twice the size of the common specie

N. pendula

Similar in appearance to N. cordifolia

Fronds more pendant to ten feet or more

'Narrow leaf' fronds half the width of the other

The footed Ferns

Aglaomorpha heraclea Giant Bear's -Paw

shiny dark green fronds ,brown wooly rhizome

A. meyeneina Bear's- paw

Dark green leaves show against the golden brown

backleaves. Fertile fronds are thread-like

Drynaria quercifolia Oak leaf Fern

Makes an interesting basket with its promenent dry backleaves

The Staghorn Ferns

Platycerium alcicorne a narrower version of

a ' Bifurcatum' tpye. easy to grow

P. andinum

Rare. The only American Tropics species. Very choice.

P. bifurcatum The common Staghorn Fern

Easy to grow 'heavy' fronds

'Netherlands' a thinner faster growing variety

most common of the "bifurcatum clones

'Pygmaeum' very small grower

P. hillii Upright growing species

'bloomei' A dark green broader leaved form

' pumilum' A gray leaved form

P. 'Lemoinei' Upright, silver leaves.

A possible cross between P. vietchii and P. bifurcatum

P. stemmaria Triangle Staghorn

Unique habit and textureCampyloneurum angustifolia 'Fimbriatum'

margins of fronds lobed and lacerated

Campyloneurum phyllitdis

Native Florida strap fern

erect frondswith papery texture

C.phyllitis 'Crestata'

Darker green version with a 'cockscomb'

crest at the end of each frond.

Microgramma nitida

very small running fern.

Microsorum punctatum (polypodium polycarpon)

Most commonly seen as the 'Fishtail Fern'

M. punctatum'Compactum'

The dwarf Fishtail Fern'

M. punctatum ' Grandiceps'

The common Fishtail Fern

M. punctatum ' Penulum Gradiceps'

A branching frond verision of 'Grandiceps'

M. punctatum ''Serratum'

Margins of fronds undulate and serrated.

Phlebodium aureum 'Golden Polypody'

The native Florida gold footed fern.

Polypodium polypodioides 'Resserrection Fern'

Very pretty small fern that 'closes up' when dry.

Polypodium scolopendria 'Serpent Fern'

Dark shiny green. Maks a good basket.

Pyrrosia Lingua 'Tongue Fern'

easy to grow exotic.

Pteris tripartita 'Giant Bracken Fern'

Resembles a tree Fern, Fast growing .

Pteris multifita " Spider Brake'

Thin leaves make a dense clump.

Pteris vittata ' Chinese Brake'

A fern that will take full sun. easy to grow.

SELIGENELLAS $ 7.50 Except as marked

S. Braunii ''Mexican Mountain Fern' hardy to zone 7

easy to grow, excellant garden plant sun or shade.

S. caniculata upright , medium green,easy to grow if kept moist.

Good basket plant..

S, emmeliana 'Sweat Plant' rosette forming, delicate leaves.

Old time favorite

S. erytrosorus 'Red seligenella' Stems and uderside of leaves are red.$ 10

S. mollis Leaves are dark green on top and silver under. Semi-creeping.

Beautiful as small pot plant or terrarium.

S,serpens spreading, mat forming light green leaves.

.good terrarium ground cover.

S, umbrosa Larger grower. Beautiful blueisk green leaves.

Stems are red.

S.uncinata ''Miniature Peacock Fern" Rampant, trailing growth.

Good basket subject..

S, willdenovii ' Peacock Fern' Vining ,scrambling rampent grower.