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Palm Hammock carefully grows or selects plants that we feel will provide you with a successful garden. Great pride is taken in propagating or growing young plantlets that develop strong root systems. Our plants are allowed to strengthen at their own natural timetable. We use an excellent growing media with a high quality fertilizer. We realize the importance of growing a healthy plant. The value of a well grown plant will promote good results in a landscape setting or container situation. Our goal is to help you create a rewarding gardening experience.

Create Your Own Garden Masterpiece

Suggestions From Our Plant Palette .

B. Marion Palmer

If there is one begonia plant we can recommend as the ideal begonia it is B. Marion Palmer. The magenta and green leaves plus the large pink flowers that come in and out of bloom all year long is sure to appeal to all gardeners. B. Marion Palmer can be grown as a specimen in a bowl or hanging basket or occupy a place in your garden. The plant thrives in cool and warm weather. A good year round grower in bright shaded light.

Aloysia or Almond Vine

A gentle fragrance perfuming your garden is simple to achieve. The almond or Aloysia vine is the perfect solution. White Plumes of numerous flower appear regularly on this easy to grow vine. A sunny location with room to grow will give you fragrant rewards.

Mexican Mountain Fern

Actually Mexican Mountain Fern is a selaginella. The lacy green leaved plant makes an elegant ground cover particularly in shady areas of your yard. As with all selaginellas moisture is an important consideration. A sprinkler system will help insure good results.

Red Pentas

Red Pentas offer continuous blooms all year long. The big plus with Red Penta is their ability to attract butterflies. The sun loving plant creates a nice bed. They require little attention once planted just water and periodic fertilizing.

Cattleya Orchids

The Cattleya flower is possibly the most recognized orchid bloom. They can be grown successfully in containers or attached to trees. They do well in bright light but no direct sun. We recommend a slow release fertilizer to help the plant bloom. Cattleyas require a porous growing medium. We carry our own excellent orchid growing mix for purchase.

Check out our nice selection of orchid divisions that can be attached to trees.


We have witnessed a number of Hummingbirds dining at the Dwarf Powderpuff, Red and Lavender Firespike and South African Firebush Cafes. They are delightful, particularly when they engage in chatter.

Butterflies are always present in the nursery. Each day we see Monarchs, Gulf Fritillarias, Julias, Giant Swallowtail, Sulfurs and Zebra Longwings.

A Red Tailed Hawk was seen near one of the ponds. The bird has an intricate pattern of feathers that is quite striking. When landing in a tree, the hawk blends quietly into the surroundings.

Painted Buntings appear on a regular basis at the bird feeder. The male has colorful plumage that is spectacular. The female is a light olive green. A bird feeder is a definite plus in the garden. Just make sure it is out in the open away from bushes and small trees

Some Orchids and Plants currently blooming