Miniature Plant Kingdom

Located in a sub-tropical garden sits a small castle surrounded by an enchanted garden of miniature plants. The grounds are maintained, yet no one has seen any inhabitants tending to the flowers or greenery. New plants appear from time to time and are carefully placed into the magic setting.

Though the mysterious beings keep themselves well hidden, we take delight in seeing what is new in their garden. Of course, we are hoping that Gnomes or Garden Fairies are making their presence known. The idea that these little people may be occupying the grounds keeps us searching, looking and unexpectedly finding the latest plant additions. We are not discouraged that we have not seen the little residents because our pursuit has caused us to pay closer attention, which has led to the discovery of the little plants. Our observations helped us realize that big people would benefit by having these plants in their surroundings too.

In our quest to find the little beings, we decided to extend our search further from the castle. Much to our surprise the tiny inhabitants had somehow created tiny containers which were neatly planted in rows. Naturally, this suggested a great idea to us. Of course, we would never disturb what they had planted. We decided to acquire small pots and began to cultivate the little plants ourselves.

We left a note with offerings of shiny stones, rhinestones and beads requesting a trade for starts of their plants. They accepted our barter because the next morning the stones were gone and tiny starter plants where in their place. We definitely feel they have had a magic hand in the successful growth of these little plants. Maybe its our imagination, but sometimes we believe we see tiny foot prints in the pots.

We hope one day to catch a glimpse of these little fellows, but at least we have access to their garden plants and now so do you. If you would like to add these miniature plants to your castle or surroundings, click onto the Miniature Plant Kingdom. Our selection includes: Begonias, Bouganvilleas, Bromeliads, Cactus, Crotons, Episcias, Ferns, Fittonias, Peperomias, Pileas, Succulents, Trees, Vines, Violets and more.

If you are in our area, we extend an irresistible invitation to visit. Who knows, maybe you will be the lucky one to catch a glimpse of our elusive little inhabitants.

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