Our purpose is to serve you, our mission to create your personal paradise.
We promise to provide YOU, our customers, with the best selection of plants and garden products in an atmosphere of friendliness, eagerness to serve and readiness to educate. We are committed to making our gardens a pleasant and exciting place to renew your spirit and experience the endless possibilities for creating a paradise of your own. We are also committed to making our gardens a pleasant and exciting place for our employees to work at, and to be active, responsible contributors to the lives of our staff, customers, community and world.


This is who we are. This is what you can count on.

We promise to...
Be a company which leaves people - employees and customers alike - satisfied, complete, appreciated and respected. Operate with integrity and honesty. Care about you and make you Happy! We have a dedicated staff, a gorgeous facility, a relaxing atmosphere, and the best products and services. If you are less than completely satisfied with our amenities, any of our products or services, or any interaction with us whatsoever, we promise to resolve your concern. Sell plants that are grown to meet the highest expectations. Quality, first class product at a fair price is our game. Support the environment by educating you about the wonders of nature around us. Enjoy classes, lectures, and more. Sell the finest, unique, rare and unusual plants. Make shopping with us Pleasurable! Delight the eyes with the beauty of our plants and gardens, enjoy the soothing music and sound of cascading waterfalls, draw on our knowledgeable, friendly garden staff who will gladly assist you and answer any questions you may have. Provide you with the best landscapes and water gardens. Give you the horticultural information you need to best care for your garden. Guide you in creating a paradise of your own.

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