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Small tropical plants in the pepper family,. Many have thick succulent leaves with a clustering or trailing habit. Their sizes range from compact to medium sized plants. Flower spikes are primarily inconspicuous, slender and cord like and are at their best in late summer. They like warmth & humidity. Peperomia need to be planted in a good draining potting mix. They like strong filtered light. Do not over water. The leaves are smooth to quilted, leaf colors are various shades of green, variegated and several burgundy colored beneath.

Peperomias make good houseplants, dish garden subjects, hanging baskets or terrarium plants. Many can be grown outdoors in the landscape or patio in shady locations.


5 dwarf peps suitable for miniature work (our choice) $19.95

3 Dish garden peps $12.95

P. metallica hybrid $5.00 - Deep green and silver ovate leaves on red stems.

P. "Astrid" & "Princess Astrid" $5.00 - Glossy small ovate leaves

"Creeping Buttons" $5.00 - Vining small round flat leaves.

P. rubella "Yerba Linda" $5.00 - Tiny green and red obovate leaves.

P. sandersii "Watermelon Peperomia" $6.00 - Round fleshy glossy green leaves with bands of silver.

P. angulata $7.50 - Vining small oval leaves that resemble watermelon.

P. caperata "Emerald Ripple" $5.00 - Compact rosette like plant.

P. caperata "Green Goddess" $5.00 - Small metallic green leaves.

P. caperata "Red Goddess" $5.00 - Small red blue? heart shaped leaves.

P. caperata "Red Ripple" $5.00 - Small glossy green leaves with red underneath.

P. caperata "Silver Goddess" $5.00 - Rosette laned? shaped leaf with silver sheen.

P. clusifolia "Red-Edged Peperomia" $5.00 - Oval dark green leaf with red edge.

P. cubensis "Radiator Plant" $5.00 - Small ovate waxy green leaves on red stem.

P. clusiaefolia "Variegata" "Peperomia USA" $5.00 - Fleshy concave variegated green leaf with dark pink margins.

P. cuspidata $7.50 - Set in whorls the leaves are pointed light green with pale striping in the veins.

P. hoffmannii $5.00 - Vining small obovate leaves.

P. japonica $5.00 - Small oval glory light green leaves.

P. quadrangularis $7.50 - Vining green oval leaves.

P. hirta $5.00 - Velvet round oval green shaped leaves.