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Codiaeum variegatum

These old fashioned house plants are grown for thier colorful folige and exotic tropical appearance

3 dwarf to small crotons forpots or dish gardens ( our choice ) $ 22.00

3 miniature crotons for terrarium or dish garden (our choice) $25.00
3 standard size crotons for pots ( our choice ) $15.00

Cordyline terminalis

2 miniature Ti Plants (4"-6" crowns ) for bonzai or terrarium work $20.00

2 dwarf Ti Plants (6"-12") for bonzai or disk garden work $25.00

Polyscias fruticosa 'variegata' Variegated Aralia' - $10.00 Variegated form of the above.

Polyscias fruticosa 'minima' - An even smaller form.

Polyscias guilfoylei 'victoriare' - 'Victorian Aralia' -$ 10.00

A very elegant presentation of lace and variegation.

Polyscias sp. 'Dinner Plate Aralia' -$ 10.00

Leaves as big as dinner plates, dark green slightly cupped.

Polyscias sp. 'Saucer Plate Aralia' -$10.00 Yup, leaves the size of saucers. petioles purple.

Schefferleria arboricola 'minima' - A very stong house plant. Oriental in character.

Schefferleria arboricola 'Fern Leaf' - A cut leaf version of the above.

ARALIAS $ 7.50 except where marked

Polyscias balfouriana marginata -

A variegated form of this great house plant.

Polyscias balfouriana 'Black' $ 10.00

Leaves are crinkled tightly and are of the very deepest green.

Polyscias balfouriana 'Compacta'

A dwarf form with small 3- pinnate dark green leaves

Polyscias balfouriana 'Divisa' A cut leaved form of the above.

Polyscias balfouriana 'Pennockii' -$ 10.00

A very fancy form with white ,cream, chartruse and dark green

Polyscias fruticosa 'Ming Aralia' -

Ruffled margins.

Polyscias fruticosa 'Maiden Hair Aralia' -$ 25.00

Leaflets are reduced to threads. Very delicate.

Very feathery leaves. Prized for its 'Oriental' apprerance.


Polyscias fruticosa 'elegans' - 'Parsley Aralia' - 3 different Bonzai tree varieties ( our choice ) $ 24.95

a tiny version used in Bonsai and miniature 3 different foliage plant varieties ( our choice ) $ 15.50

Larger growing Ti Plants ( Crowns 12"or over) suitable for pots $15.00


Alocasia cucullata - $10.00

Alocasia macrohiza variegata - White & green elephant ears. $20.00

Alocasia plumbea - $10.00

Alocasia Portei - $10.00

Alocasia cucullata 'Crinkled' - This plant will get to about 2' high and fill the pot with cormlets. $10.00

Alocasia 'Green Shield' - Known as the 'Green Cuprea'. $10.00

Alocasia sp. 'Quilted Dreams' - One of the prettiest of the small Alocasias. $10.00

Alocasia wentii - $18.00

Alocasia x Amazonica - $12.50

Anthurium crispamarginatum - One of the most attractive of the birdsnest type. Very narrow, wavy margined foliage can reach up to 6'. $20.00

Anthurium magnificum - $12.50-$50.00

Anthurium olfersianum - $12.50

Anthurium papillilaminum - A deep dark velour green hazed by red. The leaf is a dark rust red with the same velour sheen. $20.00

Anthurium watermalense - Ovate leaf base with sagittate lobes.$10.00- $45.00

Caladium humboldtii var. Marcel - $15.00

Callopsis volkensii - Delicate small white spathes encircle a golden yellow spadix - $10.00

Ceropegia sandersonii - Quarter sized foliage that just wonders all over the place with the most exotic vase type flowers that 'have a lid'. $12.50

Colocasia affinis jenningsii - This is one of the prettiest of the genera. It is small and has a beautiful color patern. $7.50

Dorstenia turneraefolia - Rich dark green foliage that looks like 'Green Patent Leather'. $7.50

Jatropha podagrica - Makes a base (caudex) like pony tail palm. Has round leaves and red flower. $20.00

Kaempfera roscoeana - The 'Peacock Ginger". Beautiful plant with large 8"-10" fan shaped leaves that are almost flat on the surface. $18.50

Ledebouria socialas - Was Scilla violaceae before the Taxonomist got to it. Interesting Lilly. $10.00

Philodendron 'Anderson's Red' - This is the original plant that started the hybrid Philo. craze. It has a fat hastate leaf and is so dark red that it is almost brownish. $12.50

Philodendron andreanum - The long velour one with dark velour matte finish and white or cream veins. This is one beauty of a plant. $10.00

Philodendron crassinervium - Very wide thick midvein and a long lance leaf. $12.50

Philodendron ' St. Leopoldina #4' - $15.00

Philodendron 'Pink Princess '- $20.00

Philodendron hastatum 'Gold Dust' - $20.00

Philodendron hastatum 'Red Gold' - $20.00

Tacca chantrieri - This is the ' Bat Flower.' It is the closest that Mother Nature comes to a truly black flower. $7.50

Zamioculcas zamiifolia - Two forms of this one are large leaf and small leaf $10.00

Anthurium ' Miami Beauty '- Large 6" heart shaped red flower. Cream & yellow spadix. Flowers all the time. Exceptionally large flower and

'Obake 'Red & Green - Large 7" red & green heart shaped flower. Wavy elongated flower. Red in center of flower with cream, yellow & green spadix. A very strange flower that is half leaf. - $10.00

'Rosa' Large 5" salmon pink heart shaped flower. Light cream & yellow spadix. One of the most beautiful colors in anthuriums. - $10.00

'Lady Carmen' Small heart shaped lavender red 1 1/2" flowers. Deep lavender red spadix. Elongated green heart shaped leaves. Superb small grower. - $10.00

'Mauna Kea'Large 4 1/2" rounded heart shaped white flower with greenish to pink overcast. Small yellow spadix. - $10.00

'Lenny' Small 2" rounded heart shaped flower, red with yellow spadix. Clusters of flowers stand high above the foliage. - $6.00

'Lynette ' Small 2" pinkish red flowers with cream, light orange & yellow spadix. Very strong grower good for garden or pot. - $10.00

Red Hot - Small 1 3/4" bright lavender red heart shaped flower with lavender spadix. A striking beauty. - $10.00

Champion - Medium 3 1/4" rounded white flower with pink veins and a pink to green overcast. Pink spadix. A very good reliable white. - $7.50

Mary Jean - Small 2" oval white flower. New flowers are light pink. Light pink spadix. One of the best garden whites. - $10.00

Mini Julie - Small 1 1/4" lavender flower that turns white as it matures. Purple spadix. Rare. - $7.50

Lady Jane - Small 1 1/2" dark oval pink flower. Pink & lavender spadix. Heavy bloomer. - $7.50

Old Miami Beauty - Elongated 5" deep red orange heart shaped flower. Light orange and cream spadix. Good bloomer and garden performer. - $12.50

Lady Ruth - Small heart shaped candy red 2" flowers with pink spadix. - $6.00

Hearts Desire - Red 3" heart shaped flower with red spadix. Good bloomer. - $6.00