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When strolling into Palm Hammock one is drawn in by the gentle music wafting through various garden vignettes and display areas you are greeted by the magical experience that only Mother Nature can create. Palm Hammock is more than a nursery, it is a statement about the love of gardening.

We hope those entering our place are inspired by the colors, textures and shapes of the flowers and foliage plus water features that are woven into the beauty of this serene setting. The gardens also supply a spiritual lift on a daily basis. Our wish is that everyone will be encouraged to have the garden of their dreams.

Please Come And Visit - 9995 S.W. 66 St. Miami, Fl 33173 - 305-274-9813 - Open 9 to 5 Monday thru Saturday

Rare Plants - Aquatic Plants - Butterfly Plants - Begonias - Water Lilies